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La Forêt Signature Facials - Relais & Châteaux hotel in België

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La Forêt Signature Facials

La Forêt Signature Facials

Feel great in your own skin!

Anti-ageing treatment

Ideal for sensitive and mature skin

Cleanse, ozone steam treatment, vitamin A exfoliation, eyebrow shaping, 3D hyaluronic acid treatment ampoule, relaxing head and face massage, face mask, anti-ageing day cream with hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and premium natural oils.

Anti-ageing treatment (90 min) 129,00

Anti-acne treatment

For young skin, irritations and neurodermatitis

A treatment for young skin prone to acne and blemishes and/or for greasy skin. Also suitable for restoring more mature skin subject to hormonal and  physical changes that bring about a variety of skin complaints. Ozone steam treatment, thorough pore extractions, eyebrow shaping, gentle enzyme exfoliating treatment, relaxing head and face massage, cleansing mask, balancing day cream.

Anti-acne treatment (45 min) 75,00
Anti-acne treatment (75 min) 105,00

La Forêt men

Purely for men

A skincare programme designed to meet the specific needs of masculine skin. Intelligent active ingredient formulations and highly concentrated constituents restore the skin’s equilibrium. Minerals and trace elements lost through stress or exercise are replenished. Cleanse, ozone steam treatment, comedone extraction, eyebrow shaping, relaxing head and face massage, mask, day cream.

La Forêt men (60 min) 95,00

La Forêt by Dr. Bullens products and treatments are available exclusively at the Spa Retreat La Forêt at our spa hotel in Belgium and in our webshop.

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