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Medical skin improvement

Medical skin improvement

Our new treatments for beautiful, healthy skin

The latest methods. State-of-the-art technology. Stunning results. Our skin rejuvenation and improvement treatments are performed by our expert team and trained beauty specialist Bibi Faas under the guidance of Dr Yolande Bullens-Goessens


The innovative, medical anti-ageing dermopeel for the professional reduction of wrinkles, scars, hyperkeratosis and acne.

Step by step, this exfoliating treatment stimulates the production of collagen fibre and elastin to visibly improve the skin’s physiological and mechanical properties.

Mesopeel® Classic 45 min 90,00
Mesopeel® Anti-Ageing 45 min 130,00
Mesopeel® Acne 45 min 120,00
Mesopeel® for pigmentation disorders – eyes 30 min 75,00
Mesopeel® lifting – eyes 30 min 75,00
Mesopeel® Eclat 130,00
Eye treatment 40 min 120,00
6 eye treamtent sessions 720,00

m.pen – Microneedling by mesoestetic®

Microneedling is the anti-ageing revolution in the fight against face and décolletage wrinkles. Known as a non-ablative process, it preserves the skin’s thickness thereby maintaining natural protection.

Tiny needle punctures into the upper skin layer trigger its natural wound healing process. As a result, the skin produces endogenous collagen, which ensures firmness and elasticity, naturally activating the body’s natural rejuvenation mechanisms.

Microneedling: Face – 45 min 120,00
Microneedling: Neck and décolleté – 45 min 120,00
Microneedling: Full Face – 60 min 200,00


Dermaplaning – the US and UK beauty trend! Models and celebrities swear by this anti-ageing facial which removes dead skin cells and fine facial hair with a scalpel, leaving skin feeling toned, the complexion radiant.

Benefits of dermaplaning:

  • Gentle chemical peeling alternative
  • Removes downy hair
  • Promotes the skin’s natural regeneration process
  • Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production
  • Improves the skin’s blood supply, serum ingredients and creams are better absorbed
  • Improves make-up application
  • Smooths the skin and lightens superficial pigment spots
Dermaplaning – 45 min 79,00
Dermaplaning – 75 min 129,00

JetPeel – The revolutionary skin-firming and rejuvenating method for face and hands that reduces scarring and inhibits ageing.

A younger, clear complexion with fewer wrinkles and instant, rosy radiance! The JetPeel uses air and water to feed vitamins – or hyaluronic acid if required – deep into the skin. It exfoliates, draws out lymph, and stimulates metabolism and blood flow.

This is particularly effective for acne, age spots, couperose, blemishes, wrinkles, enlarged pores, rosacea, liver spots, dark circles under the eyes and spider veins.

JetPeel – 60 min excluding lymphatic drainage & eyebrow shaping 119,00
JetPeel – 90 min including lymphatic drainage & eyebrow shaping 149,00

Skin-rejuvenating connective tissue massage for the face

This anti-ageing method is also known as ‘fitness for the face’. Just as a workout improves your physical condition, a connective tissue massage improves the condition of your skin. Various massage techniques stimulate blood flow to facial muscles, making your cheeks fuller, eyebrows higher, and facial lines softer.

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars and pigment spots are greatly reduced. A connective tissue massage ensures visible results after just one treatment. However, to achieve lasting, optimal results, we recommend several treatments. After each application, the skin looks even better than before.

Connective tissue massage – 60 min 95,00


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