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Chef Ralf Berendsen

Chef Ralf Berendsen

Two Michelin stars

A born perfectionist – Ralf Berendsen’s star-studded career

The driving force behind La Source is Dutchman Ralf Berendsen. He arrived at Restaurant “Ralf Berendsen” in 2011, and was awarded his first Michelin star just two years later: a reward for being a perfectionist, as he likes to call himself. ‘Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. That must be the starting point,’ is the premise of Berendsen’s work, allowing him to constantly evolve. After receiving two Michelin stars in 2017, Ralf Berendsen has reached another milestone in his career.

Two-star chef Ralf Berendsen commented: ‘I am of course thrilled that this life-long dream has come true. In fact, the whole team shares the honour, the second star is also the merit of the motivated and skilled people who are at my side day in and day out. Two Michelin stars is truly extraordinary! Right from the beginning, I have been given the freedom to go my own way at “Ralf Berendsen”. Once you reach a certain level, it is important to give your own signature to every dish. This is painstaking work, a never-ending story. In the process you acquire new insights, learn new methods of preparation and discover new products to experiment with. I have reached a point where authenticity prevails. Cooking is not only an art, but also a quest for perfection that never stops.’

‘Being a chef is, for me, the most beautiful job in the world – providing you are in an environment that allows you to turn your knowledge and creativity into dishes that bring your customers the ultimate pleasure. At restaurant “La Source”, the owner, Jochen Leën, and the General Manager, Willem Asaert, give me every opportunity to make it happen and for that I am truly grateful.’