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Willem Asaert, General Manager

Willem Asaert, General Manager

Willem Asaert back to old love.

La Butte aux Bois invests in knowledge and expertise.

With Willem Asaert, the new owners of La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken have chosen a new director to accelerate the cross-pollination between hospitality, entertainment, wellness, gastronomy, art and culture. He previously worked as a manager in the luxury hotel sector for 16 years and then spent 22 years as a culinary journalist observing the culinary and hospitality ins and outs at home and abroad. He himself speaks of his new workplace as a “meditative” location.

“I never thought of returning to hotel and restaurant management, although I have naturally continued to follow the dynamics inherent in that sector very closely and from a global perspective with great interest,” Asaert says. “I received a proposal with many creative possibilities that was difficult to refuse,” he says. “The 12-hectare domain has everything to make people feel comfortable. And that goes for the guests as well as those who receive them. I know of no other location in our country with such dimensions and such a high feel-good factor. La Butte aux Bois has a few spots of infinite beauty. They provide peace, reflection and automatically bring positive vibes. In addition, the unique crystals, meteorites, dinosaur skeletons, stones from the moon and Mars and other decorative objects on display underline the insignificance of mankind on the timeline of history. This temporary habitat of distinctive hospitality, culinary enjoyment and wellness also charms through its sense of aesthetics and design. Those who are sensitive to it, or have a need for it, will even find a meditative dimension here.”